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HIVE founders, Dana and Veronica

By Jeremiah Long   /

The Atlanta Voice   


Hive Talent Acquisition Firm (Start Up With ATL Extra)

After the crash of 2008, workers either held tight to the jobs they managed to keep or they scrambled to cobble two or three gigs together into a paycheck. A decade later the job market has bounced back and at 3.8%, we are nearly at full employment in the United States. Today’s professionals have options. They work hard and they want their company to work hard for them.

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By Katrina Julia   /

It's A FIT Life Creation   


Feature with Hive Talent Acquisition Firm: Dana + Veronica Founders

We talk all things on the entrepreneurial journey, human resources, recruiting, agencies,inspiring with influence, becoming an entrepreneur, building a brand, influencer marketing, giving back and much much more! On this episode, We will chat about being a founder, entrepreneur, inspiring with influence, human resources from ALL the angles, data analysis, leveraging technology, and much much more. You will also get insight into the mindset, tips, tools and technology for Inspire Influence.

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Ask the Expert: How to Win in Today’s Job Market

Our first expert is Veronica Jenkins, co-founder and head of global talent acquisition at Hive Talent Acquisition Firm. As an expert in recruiting, Veronica’s HR background includes social media, recruiting and networking. We asked her to share some dos, don’ts and tips on winning in today’s job market!

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By Benn Wineka   /

Olgethorpe University   


HR Major Launches Careers For Peers and Self

Caroline Chamberlain ’19 and Victoria Lindbergh ’18 worked side-by-side as interns at Oglethorpe’s Pegasus Creative student communications agency last semester.This fall, through her internship at Hive Talent Acquisition Firm, Chamberlain recruited Lindbergh, a recent grad, helping her to land a job at Atlanta design firm Yellow Bungalow.

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